Prehistoric Antiquities & Archaeological News Quarterly is THE place to find current up-to-date information.

Prehistoric Antiquities & Archaeological News Quarterly (ISSN 1075-4288) is published quarterly – February, May, August and November by Prehistoric Antiquities Quarterly, Inc.

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In each issue find

  • Calendar of events for meetings, auctions and shows across the United States
  • Display and classified advertising
  • Books for sale and other supplies
  • Articles on current archaeological findings and research.

Prehistoric Antiquities Quarterly has been around for over three decades. Since 1981, the artifact collector world has grown and from the beginner to advanced collector, this magazine is a definite must-have. The strength of the magazine rests with its authentic money-back guarantee required of all advertisers. Our national calendar of events along with artifacts for sale and auctions are just three of the many features of the magazine.

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